Mac DeMarco

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Rock and Roll Nightclub (2012), 6/10
2 (2012), 6/10
Salad Days (2014), 6/10

Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco specialized in lazy, relaxed, and witty folk-pop that harked back to the era of Jonathan Richman, Matthew Sweet, Marshall Crenshaw, etc. Rock and Roll Nightclub (Captured Tracks, 2012) oscillates between the existential rocking of the new wave (Rock and Roll Night Club) and the gentle bubblegum lullaby (She's Really all I Need). Some of his stronger material appeared a few weeks later on 2 (Captured Tracks, 2012), such as My Kind of Woman and especially Ode to Viceroy. The mood had shifted towards a quiet and indifferent stance. Salad Days (2014) continued in that vein with the likes of Blue Boy and Chamber of Reflection, peaking with the baroque Passing Out Pieces. The atonal guitarwork of Goodbye Weekend and Go Easy provides a welcome respite from the trite melodies. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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