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Idealism (2007), 6/10
I Love You Dude (2011), 5/10
Mirage (2016), 4/10
Jpeg (2019), 4/10

Digitalism, the German duo of Jence Moelle and Isi Tufekci, specialized in electronic dance music of the simplest kind, heir of the floor-stomping electroclash of the 2000s and house music of the 1990s. The album Idealism (2007) mainly collects the singles Idealistic, Zdarlight, Jupiter Room and Pogo. Following the EP Blitz (2010) and second album I Love You Dude (2011), they achieved worldwide success with the singles Fahrenheit 32 (2014) and Wolves (2014). The album Mirage (2016) contained the less energetic and slightly more sophisticated Utopia, and showed Moelle's increasing desire to be a singer-songwriter. Following the dance-rock single Red Lights (2018), their fourth album Jpeg (2019) sounded confused and outdated.
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