DJ Koze

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Kosi Comes Around (2005), 6/10
Amygdala (2013), 6/10

DJ Koze (veteran German hip-hop producer Stefan Kozalla) joined the ranks of ambient and minimal techno with Kosi Comes Around (Kompakt, 2005) and chilling dance tracks such as My Grandmotha; but the album also contained his legendary ten-minute instrumental Brutalga Square, that abandoned the languid "minimal" aesthetic for a frenzied Afro-Brazilian orgy.

It took almost a decade for Kozalla to release another album, and this time Amygdala (Pampa, 2013) recast him as a digital singer-songwriter (Nices Woelkchen is a hybrid of Giorgio Moroder's disco-music, soul balladry and ambient house) and soul producer (the funk-soul shuffle Magical Boy). Nonetheless half of the album is devoted to lengthy instrumentals (or at most hummed tracks) such as Royal Asscher Cut, drenched in a nostalgic feeling, the ten-minute Caribbean-ish tap dance La Duquesa and the hypnotic minimal dubstep Marilyn Whirlwind. Competent and elegant, but hardly revolutionary or breathtaking.

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