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Dodecahedron (2012) , 6.5/10

Dutch post-metal combo Dodecahedron (previously known as Order of the Source Below) emerged abruptly as creative pupils of Gorguts and Deathspell Omega on Dodecahedron (Season Of Mist, 2012) thanks to compositions that are not only brutal but also disorienting. Allfather pairs the demonic fury of the blastbeats with the proud agony of the growling singer under a torrential rain of clawing guitar riffs, only briefly interrupted by slower pauses, but the self-igniting fireworks of Chronocrator burn off in slower sections of chaotic hiccup and the music almost come to a grinding standstill in the middle only to resume in a suddenly majestic tone. For six minutes the guitars and drums of Vanitas patiently swirl around the deformed growl like vultures waiting to strike, and then, when the strike comes, the flow is fragmented, disordered, unstable, far from the cascading lightning bolts than one expected. And then Descending Jacob's Ladder is pure atmosphere, with little or no "metal" music, just sound effects, electronics, whispers, reverbs, and a terrifying sense of cavernous space. That's the ideal introduction to the journey to hell that follows. The 22-minute three-movement suite View From Hverfell opens with the solemn invocation of Head Above The Heavens that ends in a sea of cryptic noise. The second part, Inside Omnipotent Chaos, resurrects the blast-beat and the hysterical guitar strumming but the massacre only lasts a few minutes before imploding in another feeble lattice of free-form sound and quasi-jazz jamming. The last section, A Traveller Of The Seed Of The Earth, transforms a brainy, convoluted motiv into a frenzied instrumental coda that evokes universal fire via a passage of droning cosmic music. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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