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Fragmenti (2015), 6/10
Vitriol (2017), 7/10

Dubit, the project of Berlin-based Italian producer Pier Alfeo, started out in the scene of techno music with singles such as the nine-minute Boomland (2011).

His first album Fragmenti (Several Reasons, 2015) is a confused experiment that spans multiple genres but generally fails to amalgamate them. Nonetheless, Quarrel is an effective blend of industrial and techno overtones, and the ambient dance Human feels like a concentration of fear; and it's intriguing how Algeo generates a techno beat from the cosmic dust of Apice. The album is certainly more cohesive (if less original) when it focuses on Alfeo's forte, for example in the techno locomotive N.Ice.

In 2016 Alfeo began teaching electroacoustic composition in Italy and started work on Vitriol (2017), an album of highly sophisticated digital processing. The compositions are living creatures that grow and metabolize by continuously injecting new sounds into an always changing scene. The core of the nine-minute Visita is a glitchy ambient nebula that radiates twitching metallic tentacles. Even something relatively straightforward like Occultum, a combination of carillon and dancefloor beat, is always in motion. The 16-minute Tectum couples a macabre industrial-grade pulsation and a syncopated beat and let the offspring grow into a polyrhythmic jungle dance intersected by harsh hissing drones; after about 11 minutes a piano intones a slow and simple jazz melody but it is swallowed by a turbulent electronic soundscape. The overall mood is neither one of austere exploration nor one of joyful adventure. It is fact generally dark. The abrasive drone and vibration of Interiora craft an ominous and claustrophobic atmosphere. Dense, dynamic and disorienting pieces like Invenies seems to harbor a violent strain. Even the mystical overtones of Rectificando are obscured by a somewhat neurotic frenzy. The nine-minute Lapidem is the only one that enjoys relative calm. But nothing here is truly ambient. Dubit's world is far from being an idyllic place.

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