Electric Bird Noise

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Electric Bird Noise, the project of South Carolina's guitarist Brian McKenzie, Initially, when it was a collaboration with Trey Mcmanus on synthesizer, the music was a created (if unfocused) mix of ambient and post-rock, as documented on Unleashing The Inner Robot (Artfag, 1999 - Silber, 2014).

Fragile Hearts Fragile Minds (No More Stars, 2007) contains the 26-minute suite Vestibule Transitoire, reissued with Le Vestibule on Le Vestibule (No More Stars, 2008). That piece overlaps a delicate piano filigree a` la Harold Budd and lysergic guitar wails, and eventually the two merge in an evocative droning cosmic "om".

Further stylistic changes came with the electronic Desert Jelly (Silber, 2013) and the solo guitar album Kind of Black (Silber, 2014).

Feel No Other (2014) was a collaboration with vocalist Claudia Gregory.

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