Nick Edwards

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Plekzationz (2012) , 7/10
eMMplekz: IZOD Days (2012), 4/10
eMMplekz: Your Crate Has Changed (2013), 5/10
eMMplekz: You Might Also Like (2014), 4.5/10
Ekoplekz: Four Track Mind (2014), 4.5/10
Ekoplekz: Unfidelity (2014), 4.5/10

Bristol-based electronic composer and blogger Nick Edwards, who had already released cassettes of ambient dance music like Controlled By Voltage Vol.1 (1994), mixed echo-drenched dub music and abstract electronic music on Plekzationz (Editions Mego, 2012). Chance Meets Causality Uptown sounds like the travelogue of a whirring spacecrafts in a galactic space roamed by hissing nebulae; later revealing its pounding industrial machinery; then absorbing solar emissions to power its android operators and its radioactive weapons. The helicopter rhythm of (No) Escape From '79 is almost danceable before it sinks into a swamp of jarring drones. Inside The Analog Continuum is the most reminiscent of the early chaotic electronic experiments of composers such as Morton Subotnick: a ping-pong battlefield of harsh tones and waves of ear-splitting dissonance, glitches turned into massive horrid bumps, sudden tribal beats, deformed voices, explosions. The bubbling and pulsing orgasm of A Pedant's Progress peters out and dies out like a monster machine that ran out of gasoline. Each of these four futuristic frescoes is driven by the very absence of narrative frames the same way that abstract painting and free jazz were driven by the absence of structure, but Edwards, avoiding both the ferocity of Japanese noisecore and the gloom and doom of early industrial music, harks back to sci-fi soundtracks and expressionist anti-classical music of the early electronic era adding dub and IDM technologies.

Under the moniker Ekoplekz he also released several albums between 2010 and 2012, namely the two volumes of Intrusive Incidentalz, as well as Devesham Dub (2013).

eMMplekz, the English duo of Nick Edwards and producer Ian Hicks (Baron Mordant), debuted with IZOD Days (2012). The idea of mixing spoken-word and spooky laconic soundscapes works only occasionally on Your Crate Has Changed (Mordant, 2013), notably in Abacabacus. But mostly you must really like their lyrics if you want to enjoy their "music". You Might Also Like (2014) includes Re Re, a threnody a` la Suicide.

Ekoplekz, his venture into vintage analogic equipment, returned with Four Track Mind (Planet Mu, 2014) and Unfidelity (Planet Mu, 2014), a throwback to the age of ambient house (Mu-ziq, Aphex Twin and the likes).

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