Lawrence English

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Lawrence English, a hyper-prolific Australian ambient/cosmic composer, released more than 20 hours of music in ten years: Transit (2004), Happiness Will Befall (2005) for guitar and computer, Autumn (2005), Plateau (2007) with Ai Yamamoto, Merola Shoulders (2007) with Domenico Sciajno, For Varying Degrees of Winter (2007), a concept about seasonal changes, Kiri No Oto (2008), Studies for Stradbroke (2008), Euphonia (2008) with Tom Hall, U (2008) with Tujiko Noriko and John Chantler, HB (2009) with Francisco Lopez, A Colour for Autumn (2009), which was a follow-up to For Varying Degrees of Winter, It's Up to Us to Live (2009), A Path Less Travelled (2010) with Japanese band Minamo, And the Lived in (2012), Songs of the Living (2012), For / Not for John Cage (2012), Lonely Women's Club (2013), Suikinkutsu No Katawara Ni (2013), Wilderness of Mirrors (2014), his first experience with playing the organ, A Path Less Travelled (2014) with Stephen Vitiello, Shadow of the Monolith (2014) with jazz musician Werner Dafeldecker Viento (2015, reissued in 2022), which contains field recordings of strong wind in Patagonia and Antarctica.

The most relevant collaboration was Hexa, a duo with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu.

Then came: Approaching Nothing (2016), a 30-minute piece for drones and field recordings, Cruel Optimism (2017), ostensibly inspired by Lauren Berlant's 2011 book, Immediate Horizon (2018) with Alessandro Cortini, Selva Oscura (2018) with William Basinski, Lassitude (2020), which contains two lengthy pieces, Field Recordings from the Zone (2020), Observation of Breath (2021), with the 21-minute Observation Of Breath for organ, A Mirror Holds The Sky (2021), which remixes field recordings of the Amazon region, Eternal Stalker (2022) with Merzbow, Approach (2022), Colours Of Air (2022) with Scott "Loscil" Morgan, etc.

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