Lee Gamble

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Diversions 1994-1996 (2012) , 7/10 (EP)
Dutch Tvashar Plumes (2012), 6.5/10

English sound artist Lee Gamble (from Birmingham) debuted with the randomly improvised/composed computer music of Join Extensions (2009), a rather childish work that straddles the border with both free jazz and early electronic music (Paratelic Offsets), but matured with the EP Diversions 1994-1996 (2012), a collage of cassette tapes that scientifically removed, or muffled or slowed down, the beats from dance pieces and otherwise manipulated the remains, concocting a sense of dislocation and alienation (especially Emu), of disorientation and weightlessness (M25 Echo), of ghostly breathing (Digbeth), and visions of nocturnal factory robots marching towards sinister gatherings (DTI, the expressionist peak); the hedonistic factor reduced to a concerto of anemic gestures, coupled with a subtle case of minimalist repetition (Razor, a particularly emasculated example).

Dutch Tvashar Plumes (Pan, 2012) was less cohesive overall, but its selection of laboratory beats yields throbbing sound sculptures like Plos 97s and especially Tvash Kwawar, the glitchy cosmic music of Skorokhodz, the skittering minimal techno of Coma Skank, as well more abstract vanishing philosophical meditations a` la Diversions such as Black Snow and especially the desolate post-human soundtrack of Kuang Shaped Prowla.

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