Freddie Gibbs

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The Miseducation (2009), 6/10 Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik (2009), 6.5/10 Cold Day in Hell (2011), 6/10 Baby Face Killa (2012), 5/10 ESGN (2013), 5/10 Shadow of a Doubt (2015), 5/10 You Only Live 2wice (2017), 5/10 Links:

Influenced by 2Pac's and Tupac Shakur's gangster rap, Indiana's rapper Freddie Gibbs (Fredrick Tipton) established himself as a late purveyor of the genre with the mixtapes The Miseducation (2009), Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik (2009), produced by Speakerbomb, and perhaps his most creative recording, Str8 Killa No Filla (2010), Cold Day in Hell (2011) and Baby Face Killa (2012). He tried in vain to upgrade himself to more creative singer-songwriter on ESGN (2013). His most accomplished albums were two collaborations, Pinata (Madlib Invazion, 2014) with Madlib and The Tonite Show (2014) with DJ Fresh.

Gibbs teamed up again with producer Speakerbomb for Shadow of a Doubt (2015) and You Only Live 2wice (2017), two albums that display his rather conservative approach to rapping and a passion for trap beats while still relishing boom bap beats. Ditto for the mixtape Freddie (2018).

The new collaborations (again superior to his solo albums) were: Fetti (2018) with Curren$y and the Alchemist (mainly an effort by the latter), Bandana (2019) again with Madlib, and Alfredo (2020) with The Alchemist, that features one of his most elegant performances.

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