I Am A Lake Of Burning Orchids

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Innocence (2011) , 7.5/10
Apart (2015), 6.5/10

English soundpainter I Am A Lake Of Burning Orchids debuted with two EPs of brief sonic fragments, Morning / Hands (2011) and Summer in my Veins (Loveswirls, 2011), which were followed by the much more substantive album Innocence (2011), that runs the gamut from the terrifying seven-minute Innocence, at first a wall of noise and then a drifting soul in infinite emptiness, to the ten-minute thumping android house-music of Superclub, a masterpiece of sinister post-apocalyptic noise for the dancefloor. Lights sounds like a demon vomiting his delirious sermon from inside a universe on fire. The 18-minute Home filters voices, beats and electronics in one, serpentine, abrasive stream of consciousness that ends in a nuclear deflagration.

Valediction (2012)

The mini-album Apart (2015) contains three lengthy pieces that veered towards a calmer and simpler form of ambient music: the requiem-like decomposing drone of Urn the dense, crumbling and slowly evolving drone concerto of I Drift As Lightest Ashes, and the slowly unfolding melodies of the 14-minute Between You & I Is a Sea Aflame.

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