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Jatoma (2010) , 7/10

Danish trio Jatoma (Tomas Barfod, Mads Kolding and Jacob Littauer) tortured techno via glitchy noise, minimalist repetition and exotic overtones on Jatoma (Kompakt, 2010), notably the tinkling carillon of Durian, the industrial ballet of Permafrost, the Jon Hassell-ian "fourth world" impressionistic music of Bou, and especially the swampy polyrhythmic android pop of Helix. For sheer propulsion, they also unleash the unstoppable locomotive of Paper Lights and the Brazilian Manipura, while for ethereal ambience they indulge in the gurgling digital effects of Little Houseboat. In between the dances, the trio places cryptic and futuristic instrumental interludes such as the voodoo crescendo of Wood Face. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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