Jeremih Felton

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Jeremih (2009), 4/10
All About You (2010), 4/10
Late Nights (2015), 4/10

Chicago's singer Jeremih Felton became famous with his debut single Birthday Sex (2009), a gentle Caribbean-tinged lullabye, but the album Jeremih (2009), produced by Mick Schultz, was simply a lot of filler (or, better, contemporary cliches, notably The-Dream), congregated around that hit. All About You (2010) contains another Schultz concoction, the half-rapped Down on Me. After the mixtape Late Nights with Jeremih (2012), the album Late Nights (2015) repeated the same routine with Schultz hit, Don't Tell 'Em, although Planez was a slightly more austere attempt at psychological relevance.
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