Kandinsky Effect

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The Kandinsky Effect, formed Paris by US saxophonist and keyboardist Warren Walker and bassist Gael Petrina, is a trio of jazztronica that debuted with The Kandinsky Effect (SNP, 2010).

Synesthesia (Cuneiform, 2013) is a technically impeccable collection of friendly jazz-rock. Johnny Utah is unusual in shifting mood from languid soul litany to buzzing free-jazz frenzy, and the somnolent trance-y ballad Cusba is unusual in being so laconic, but Walker's tuneful arias such as Walking mostly work as laid-back lounge music, with the slightly more nocturnal and bebop-ish Brighton providing for the edgy variation. These "songs" certainly benefit from a highly imaginative rhythm section (that steals the show in If Only).

Somnambulist (Cuneiform, 2015) offered a more chaotic form of digital jazz-rock.

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