King Krule

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6 Feet Beneath the Moon (2013), 6/10
The OOZ (2017), 7/10
Man Alive (2020), 6.5/10

British singer-songwriter Archy Marshall adopted the moniker King Krule for 6 Feet Beneath the Moon (2013), recorded when he was still a teenager and produced by Rodaidh McDonald. His snarling baritone delivers a set of lo-fi punk and dubstep ditties such as Easy Easy and peaking with the limping psychobilly and swinging jazz of A Lizard State. The arrangements derail even the most innocent genres, like the convoluted balladry of Neptune Estate, but his voice alone is enough to carry the bluesy pop of Out Getting Ribs.

After a four-year hiatus, his King Krule project returned with The OOZ (XL, 2017), an album which better refined his musical persona at the border between a calmer Tom Waits and a more surgical Von Lmo. The lounge soul music of Biscuit Town and the the slow ballad Czech One land into the jazz whirls and fractured industrial beats of Dum Surfer and the hyper-funk circus stomp Half Man Half Shark.

He also released a conventional hip-hop album, A New Place 2 Drown (2015), under his real name Archy Marshall.

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Il cantautore britannico Archy Marshall ha adottato lo pseudonimo King Krule per 6 Feet Beneath the Moon (2013), registrato quand'era ancora adolescente e prodotto da Rodaidh McDonald. Il suo ringhio baritonale offre un set di canzonette lo-fi punk e dubstep come Easy Easy e delle vette come lo psychobilly zoppicante e il jazz sguazzante di A Lizard State. L'arrangiamento fa deragliare anche i generi più innocenti, come l'intricata ballata Neptune Estate, ma la sua voce da sola è abbastanza per trainare il blues-pop di Out Getting Ribs.

Dopo uno iato di quattro anni, il progetto King Krule ritorna con The OOZ (XL, 2017), un album che affina in meglio la sua personalità musicale a metà fra un Tom Waits più calmo e un Von Lmo più chirurgico. Il soul da camera di Biscuit Town e la lenta ballata Czech One plana entro i turbinii jazz e i frammentati beats industriali di Dum Surfer e il circo hyper-funk di Half Man Half Shark.

Ha inoltre pubblicato un album hip-hop convenzionale, A New Place 2 Drown (2015), con il suo nome di battesimo, Archy Marshall.

Man Alive (2020) is a lazy exercise in lethargic singing and gloomy ambience. The bulk of the album consists of fragile jazzy ballads such as Underclass, Theme for the Cross and the single Draag On. Please Complete Thee sounds like a glitch-y remix of Nick Drake. The instrumental base is disjointed, slowly morphing, anemic. That method leads to distorted psychedelic lullabyes like Energy Fleets and Perfecto Miserable that evoke a very deranged Syd Barrett. The rare moments when the rhythm picks up are perhaps the most surreal: Comet Face is a lunatic and distorted boogie a` la Kevin Ayers, and Cellular blends disco-music and no-wave.

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