King Tears Bat Trip
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Seattle's King Tears Bat Trip followed in the footsteps of Crash Worship and Shit And Shine with a line-up that included Neil Welch on tenor sax, Luke Bergman on guitar, Brandon Lucia on computer and four drummers (Chris Icasiano, Evan Woodle, Kristian Garrard, Thomas Campbell). King Tears Bat Trip (Hanged Man, 2012) contains four tours de force of post-psychedelic tribal music. The 19-minute Stolen Police Car sounds like a rocking, pounding version of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago fronted by Albert Ayler or, better, of Lol Coxhill's Welfare State fronted by Gato Barbieri with a two-minute "solo" of the drummers. A less visceral take on that concept is explored in the 18-minute Elevenogram, with blaring saxophone that sacrifice discipline for pathos and more restrained drumming and guitar. The album also includes live versions of the two pieces.

(Translation by/Tradotto da Davide Carrozza)

I King Tears Bat Trip di Seattle seguivano le impronte di Crash Worship e Shit And Shine con Neil Welch al sax tenore, Luke Bergman alla chitarra, Brandon Lucia al computer e quattro batteristi (Chris Icasiano, Evan Woodle, Kristian Garrard, Thomas Campbell). King Tears Bat Trip (Hanged Man, 2012) contiene quattro tour de force di musica tribale post-psichedelica. i 19 minuti di Stolen Police Car suonano come una versione martellante di Albert Ayler a capo dell'Art Ensemble Of Chicago o, ancora meglio, di Gato Barbieri a capo dei Welfare State di Lol Coxhill con due minuti di "assolo" dei batteristi. I 18 minuti di Elevenogram affrontano una variazione meno viscerale del concetto, con batterie e chitarre più contenute e un sassofono squillante che sacrifica la disciplina al pathos. L'album include anche versioni live dei due pezzi.

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