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RAD Tantrum (2016), 6.5/10 Links:

Georgia's quartet Kucoshka (drummer Hayden Wall, bassist Jack Thomson, guitarist Tony Casanave, and vocalist Nick Palmer) broke all the rules of contemporary popular music when they recorded the demented rock bacchanal of RAD Tantrum (2016). John Strothman introduced their deadly combination of psychotic shouting and dissonant guitars, but also weds the ferocious beastly soul of Captain Beefheart and the vaudeville soul of Frank Zappa (a marriage repeated by Christian Comer in a less deranged way). Riki Kar contrasts surf-exotica guitar and hysterical vocals. Laura Simon alternates fits of punk-rock and dissonant folk-rock. This could be redneck rock if it weren't so intentionally deformed Peaks of virulent insanity are reached with the spasmodic Josh Shapiro and Christian Heyl, one of the many moments in which the singer sounds like a tenor version of David Thomas.
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