Ravyn Lenae

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Hypnos (2022), 4/10 Links:

Chicago's pop-soul singer Ravyn Lenae Washington, a member of the collective Zero Fatigue, debuted with the EPs Moon Shoes (2015), Midnight Moonlight (2017) and Crush (2018), whispered litanies that presented her as the Aaliyah for the new generation.

Hypnos (2022), mostly produced by Luke Titus and Steve Lacy, is dominated by dreamy and somnolent ballads like Satellites and Light Me Up with the occasional venture into trite soul-hop The sound is consistently flat and bland except for the mildly Afro-syncopated M.I.A., produced by Kai "Sango" Wright and Dede "Iamnobody" Ademabua, and the Caribbean-tinged Xtasy, produced by Louis "Kaytranada" Celestin.

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