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Pretty Girls & Grey Sweaters (2012), 5/10
Battle Poetry (2013), 4/10
Everything (2016), 4/10

Lido (Norwegian producer and vocalist Peder Losnegard) was one of the producers who laid the foundations for the boom of future bass. He began recording mixtapes such as Play Loud Music (2008), The Fresh Breath (2008) and The Good Guy (2008) in his secluded forest cabin. Then he began a series of increasingly successful singles: Go'n Be Gone (2009), Fake ID (Kidz in the Club) (2010), Once Upon A Time (2010), Different (2011), and Turn Up the Life (2011) that turned him into a national star and led to his best-selling album Pretty Girls & Grey Sweaters (Universal, 2012).

After the 16-song album Battle Poetry (2013) and the single I Love You (2014) Lido moved to Los Angeles, where he produced Ashley "Halsey" Frangipane's album Badlands (2015).

During the boom of future bass, he released the five-song EP The Passion Project (2015), the six-song EP Superspeed (2016), the mixtape The Life of Peder (2016) and the album Everything (2016).

His fame was rapidly eclipsed by the new generations but he kept releasing EPs: The Passion Project II (2017), Spacesuit (2018), IOU 1 (2018) and IOU 2 (2018).

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