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Lil B (San Francisco's rapper Brandon McCartney) was originally a member of a hip-hop group, The Pack, that had a minor hit with Vans (2006) and released one album, Based Boys (2007); but Lil B became famous and influential as a pioneer of "cloud rap" when he started releasing "digital" albums, the first ones being I'm Thraxx (2009) and 6 Kiss (2009), followed by the mixtapes Dior Paint (2010) and Base World Pt 1 (2010). By the time he released his first official album, Rain in England (2010), he had reportedly recorded more than 1,500 songs: 12 mixtapes came out just in 2010. This was followed by the album Angels Exodus (2011). In the same year he also released ten mixtapes, including I'm Gay (I'm Happy) (2011).

Lil B's style was labeled "swag-rap", a genre pioneered by Mississippi-based rapper DeAndre "Soulja Boy" Way with Turn My Swag On (2008) and Pretty Boy Swag (2010).

Under the moniker Basedgod, McCartney released the instrumental albums Choices and Flowers (2012) and Tears 4 God (2012).

In 2012 he released 16 mixtapes; and in 2013 only four, but one of them, 05 Fuck Em (2013), contains 101 songs.

The frequency of releases then slowed down considerably. Nonetheless he released ten in five years: Basedworld Paradise (2014), Hoop Life (2014), Ultimate Bitch (2014), Thugged Out Pissed Off (2015), Black Ken (2017), Platinum Flame (2018), Options (2018), 28 Wit a Ladder (2019), The Hunchback of BasedGod (2019) and Loyalty Casket (2019).

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