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Lizzobangers (2013), 5/10
Big Grrrl Small World (2015), 5/10
Cuz I Love You (2019), 6/10
Special (2022), 4/10

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Minneapolis-based Lizzo (Melissa Jefferson) proved to be both a talented singer and a talented rapper on Lizzobangers (2013), a collection of goofy songs that straddle the border between pop and hip-hop, a welcome distraction from the gloomy atmosphere of most hip-hop and newsoul music of the time. Big Grrrl Small World (2015) also featured creative beats.

Her fortune changed when she was adopted (artistically speaking) by producer Ricky Reed. After the six-song EP Coconut Oil (2016) they recorded together the feminist anthem Good As Hell (2016), included in the soundtrack of the movie "Barbershop" (2016), the clownish single Truth Hurts (2017), one of her best songs, and the martial, confrontational funky anthem Boys. Cuz I Love You (2019) feels like a hilarious revival of 1970s disco-music, from Juice (another Ricky Reed creation, with echoes of One Night in Bangkok) to Crybaby (her best Chaka Khan impersonation).

Special (2022) is just a bunch of filler around the two main songs, About Damn Time and 2 Be Loved.

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