Mako Sica

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Dual Horizon (2010) , 6.5/10
Essence (2012) , 6/10

Chicago trio (Przemyslaw Drazek, Michael Kendrick, and Brent Fuscaldo) Mako Sica debuted with the mini-album Mayday At Strobe (2009), containing two lengthy pieces, and the album Dual Horizon (La Societe Expeditionnaire, 2010), containing three lengthy (if a bit naive) songs: the shamanic I'itoi (funereal chanting, death bells, cavernous rumble, Electric Prunes-like church hymn rock, tripped-out dissonance, free-jazz jamming, and back to the otherworldly chanting), 5th One Is The Dark (suspense of fluttering atonal guitars, sparse free-form improvisation), and the 21-minute Dunes (abrasive drone, dilated vocals, guitar crescendo, tribal beat, ear-splitting guitar noise, anemic plodding). Each jam evokes a post-rock version of Scenic's and Calexico's desert-rock, filtered through the austere brainy aesthetic of Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor.

Essence (La Societe Expeditionnaire, 2012) contains the chamber post-rock poem Fate Deals A Hand, torrential guitar twang over chaotic percussion, the usual lugubrious chanting, guitar-driven crescendo a` la early Pink Floyd, subliminal barely audible instrumental noise and incantations, and a grand psychedelic finale), the sub-bluesy On Cracked Sea and Chain Leg, which is basically a suite in three movements: at first chaotic and noisy for the sake of being chaotic and noisy, then profoundly haunting and psychological, and finally a cryptic chanted ending. There is still too much self-indulgent naivete and amateurship to turn their intriguing ideas into memorable music. Each piece lacks an organic, cohesive development, which means that the music sounds completely arbitrary (and rarely coordinated). Some terrific passages, but, as a whole, none of these jams truly blossoms.

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