Model Actriz

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Dogsbody (2023), 6.5/10 Links:

New York-based band Model/Actriz (vocalist Cole Haden, guitarist Jack Wetmore, drummer Ruben Radlauer, and bassist Aaron Shapiro) started out in the vein of noise-rock of the 1990s (Jesus Lizard), although the singer recites rather than sing. The idea was only sketched on the EP No (2017). It was perfected and equipped with danceable rhythms on Dogsbody (2023). The booming industrial rock of Donkey Show leads to the bombastic and tribal dance-punk threnody Mosquito and to the "modern dance" of the single Crossing Guard, with Pere Ubu-esque noises and a hypnotic Afro-disco beat. The vocalist is certainly unique in the way he doesn't sing, so that songs such as Slate and Pure Mode turn into tense chamber dramas. He does sing over the catastrophic beats of Amaranth and in the psychedelic fog of Sleepless, but the voice is merely an element of the soundpainting.
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