Mr Peter Hayden

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Faster than Speed (2010), 6.5/10
Born A Trip (2012), 6/10

Finnish band Mr Peter Hayden debuted with the two lengthy instrumental post-psychedelic meditations of Faster than Speed (2010), Smoke in Space and Delta t=0, peppered with saxophone and synthesizer. The latter swings from hypnotic Necks jamming to somnolent bebop jazz and from doom-metal riffing to acid cosmic dissonance, with countless nods at the sound of the 1970s (Colosseum, Cream, Led Zeppelin, etc). The former, instead, is relatively trivial. It opens with an interesting mixture of atonality and minimalist repetition, but that goes on for more than 15 minutes. When finally a new element is introduced (a plaintive sax melody a` la Van Der Graaf Generator), it simply creates a new pattern that gets repeated another few hundred times. The last section is a sort of loose blues-rock jam from the 1960s, but nothing to scream about. They occasionally sound like a more intellectual, avantgarde version of Motorpsycho.

Born A Trip (Kauriala Society, 2012), recorded in one day in 2011, is a self-indulgent 68-minute hodgepodge of styles and a rollercoaster of moods.

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