Kacey Musgrave

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Same Trailer Different Park (2013), 7/10
Pageant Material (2015), 5/10
Golden Hour (2018), 6.5/10
Star-crossed (2021), 5/10

The career of Texan country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves was launched by the singles Merry Go 'Round and Follow Your Arrow from her debut album Same Trailer Different Park (2013), but perhaps the highlight of her career remaines the plantive social critique of her debut single, Merry Go Round (2012), followed by Follow Your Arrow. After a disappointing sophomore album, Pageant Material (2015), Golden Hour (2018) restored her reputation with the singles Butterflies and Space Cowboy and especially with Slow Burn.

The more electronic Star-crossed (2021), a concept album about marriage and divorce, flirted with dance-pop and the Fleetwood Mac sound of the Lindsey Buckingham era in the Japanese-tinged Cherry Blossom, in Star-crossed, and in Breadwinner, even attempting the jazzy disco of There Is a Light.

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