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Unsilent Death (2010), 6.5/10
Abandon All Life (2013), 6/10
You Will Never Be One of Us (2016), 6.5/10

The Nails, a Los Angeles band fronted by vocalist and guitarist Todd Jones, fused hardcore and grindcore on the EP Obscene Humanity (2009) and on the 14-minute ten-song album Unsilent Death (Six Feet Under, 2010), ten spikes of brutal and vicious emotions, Scum will Rise being particularly offensive. Traitor lasts only 29 seconds. Pig Destroyer found their heirs.

Their grindcore was slightly more varied on Abandon All Life (2013), that next to the ultrafast Tyrant, Absolute Control and Abandon All Life drops the five-minute heavy closer Suum Cuique and "sophisticated" detours like the breakdown in God's Cold Hands.

You Will Never Be One of Us (2016), another ten-song set (that lasts a whopping 21 minutes), may seem superficially just another set of mindless explosions, but actually there is quite a bit of novelty in the carpet bombing of Life Is a Death Sentence, not to mention the slower derailing locomotive of Violence is Forever and the eight-minute They Come Crawling Back. However, the pure grind adrenaline of songs like You Will Never Be One of Us and especially Made to Make You Fall still rules on most of the songs.

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