Angel Ontalva and October Equus

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October Equus formed in Spain 2003 (guitarist Angel Ontalva, keyboardist Victor Rodriguez, bassist Amanda Pazos and drummer Txema Fernandes) debuted with October Equus (Ma.Ra.Cash, 2005), whose highlight is Ontalva's six-movement suite October Equus Suite, inspired by the prog-rock of King Crimson. This was followed by the eleven-song Charybdis (RAIG, 2008), featuring new drummer Jose Varela, and by the 13-song Saturnal (AltrOck, 2011), featuring new drummer Vasco Trilla, saxophonist Alfonso Munoz, reed player Fran Mangas and cellist Pablo Ortega.

Rodriguez and Ontalva kept the band alive on Permafrost (OctoberXart, 2013), while Munoz, Pazos, Ontalva and Trilla recorded a more jazz-fusion album, Isla Purgatorio (Clamshell, 2013), as the October Equus Quartet.

Ontalva, Pazos and Rodriguez also played in Transarabian Connection that favored a more austere form of prog-rock mixed with North-African folk music.

Angel Ontalva also recorded a number of solo albums: Mundo Flotante (OctoberXart, 2012), Land Of Rain And Steel (2013), Tierra Quemada (2015), Blood Moon Tonight (2017), Satellites (2017), Carta Marina (2018), etc. Ontalva was backed by Russian prog-rock ensemble Vespero on Carta Marina (VMS, 2018) and on the live Sea Orm Liventure (2019).

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