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Abandon (2013), 7.5/10 (EP) Links:

Pharmakon, the project of New York's vocalist and electronic musician Margaret Chardiet, evoked the harrowing vocal catastrophes of Diamanda Galas on the EP Abandon (Sacred Bones, 2013). The mostly instrumental overture Milkweed unwinds as a flow of hissing dissonance and distorted voices very much in the vein of Throbbing Gristle but its alter-ego It Hangs Heavy then implodes under the weight of tortured screams. The relentless funeral rite Pitted is only the appetizer for the terrifying caged liturgy of Ache, eventually drowned in a swarm of ghosts. Crawling On Bruised Knees is a cross between air bombing and nervous breakdown, with a robotic voice that tries to recite a poem. This is horror-industrial theater of a very high caliber.
The 27-minute Sour Sap is the ultimate recital, a dialogue between martial sub-bass and beasty vocal sounds followed by a tribal machine dance, a bleak bass melody, industrial miasmas, a witchy vomit-like lied accompanied with metronomic metallurgic noise, and then orgasmic breasthing, marching prison chains, a distorted chaotic rave-up, After another pause, it suddenly takes off like a swirling pulsing Von Lmo jam, and it's the final assault. While a bit disorganized and probably "accidental" (just a computer collage of powerful leftovers), Sour Sap feels like a multi-movement suite, a program of expressionist pantomimes, a concentrate of unholy subhuman noises.
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