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Tectonics (2005), 5/10
Anaedipal (2008), 4/10
Atonal Hypermnesia (2012), 6.5/10
Phlogiston Catharsis (2018), 4/10
Bleaker Beater (2021), 6/10

French heavy-metal combo P.H.O.B.O.S., fronted by vocalist and guitarist Frederic Sacri, debuted with Tectonics (Candlelight, 2005). Songs like Monochrome Red, Dormant/ Dead End and Gregarious simply try to sound as heavy and gloomy as possible, forging panzer-grade doom-metal. The prog-metal version of this sound is a little confused, as shown in Inseminator/ Matrix. Best is Wisdoom: harsh syncopated distorted riffs pierced by macabre percussive noise, like a doom-metal version of Free's Fire and Water. Their seismic riffs and martial tempos become repetitive on Anaedipal (Megaton Mass, 2008). Atonal Hypermnesia (2012) contains only four 14-minute pieces: Necromegalopolis of Coprolites, a massive droning distortion that achieves a psychedelic quality, Maelstrom Mani Padme Hum, indulging in almost cosmic languor, Solar Defrag, another experience bordering on psychedelic, and Transonic Mahasamadhi, funereal and claustrophobic. The EP Shmashaan Kaalee (2015) contains three ten-minute compositions: the firestorm of Smasana Kali (She Is The Firewalkers) the nuclear explosion of I Won't Dance (The Elder's Orient) and the inferior Enter The Eternal Fire.

Phlogiston Catharsis (Transcending Obscurity, 2018) is a humble work that offers obsessive doom and gloom in Zam Alien Canyons terrifying guitar noise in Igneous Tephrapotheosis, and macabre dances in Aljannashid.

Bleaker Beater (Megaton Mass, 2021), a much more electronic work, sounds like the work of a different band altogether. The doom and gloom has turned into harrowing industrial music with devastating electronic effects (Haemophiliac Stomp and Hyperkalem Pathogens) and into robotic ballets that would make for perfect sci-fi soundtracks (Solve Et Coagula and Granulahar Toxin).

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