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To Hell With It (2021), 5/10

English singer PinkPantheress (real name Gemma Walker), daughter of a Kenyan mother and an English father, became an Internet star when Just for me (2020), fundamentally a nursery rhyme over an odd combination of drum-machine and acoustic guitar, and Break It Off (2021), which samples the beats of Adam F's Circles (1997), went viral on TikTok. After the singles Pain (2021) and Just for Me (2021), she released the 18-minute mixtape To Hell with It (2021), a collection of melodic miniatures (clearly designed for the TikTok scene) built around snippets of UK garage tunes of the 1990s and set to drum-and-bass arrangements. The idea gets quickly tedious (all the songs are so short that feel incomplete, just pretexts for user-made one-minute videos). However, the exuberant quirkiness of Pain, the romantic languor of All My Friends Know, the hypnotic nursery rhyme of Nineteen and the breakbeats of Reason sound promising (for anyone who wanted to complete these songs). Her fragile voice and her primitive beats are an unlikely match in the age of over-produced neosoul and hip-hop music.
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