Polo G

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Die a Legend (2019), 6/10
The Goat (2020), 4/10
Hall of Fame (2021), 5/10

Chicago's rapper Taurus "Polo G" Bartlett was in jail when his song Finer Things (2018) went viral on the Internet. He had already tempered the original "drill" style of his raps and his debut album Die a Legend (Columbia, 2019) made it even more accessible with quasi-ballads such as Pop Out, another classic of melodic trap-rap. The streamlined production helped his articulate, cold, carefully composed stories, a documentary, hagiographic rendition of life in the trenches of the black ghetto, delivered in a melancholy sing-rapping style, a cross between Drake and a yodeling country singer. A King's Nightmare is more representative than the hits. Alas, substandard beats/production makes the album tedious over the long run. This album represents the melodic side of trap, only themetically related to the trap of Chief Keef, a step of emo-rap towards the world of rock singer-songwriters.

The Goat (2020) was an album of filler.

The 20-song Hall of Fame (2021) contains the hit singles Rapstar and Epidemic, but everything else is just a monotonous parade of the same beat (slight variations on a four-bar loop).

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