Pop 1280

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New York's outfit Pop 1280 emerged with the bleak EP The Grid (Sacred Bones, 2010). What a trip that is: the gloriously stomping voodoobilly Step Into The Grid is just the appetizer, followed by Anonymous Blonde, a tribal version of the Velvet Underground's trademark distorted boogie progression. Then they dive into wild industrial music with the android hissing and rumbling of Data Dump and into feral noise-rock with the infernal, agonizing Midget, and close with the massive rant & noise of Trash Cop. The overall feeling is one of a deranged and depraved orgy.

The Horror (2012) is bleak and explosive but indulges too much in its own manic depression. Its musical statements would be devastating if they weren't so derivative of industrial-punk bands from the 1990s. The distorted voodoobilly of Bodies in the Dunes is exemplary, with its dark ominous atmosphere and its nostalgic evocation of the late new wave.

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