Jessica Pratt

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Jessica Pratt (2012) , 6/10
On Your Own Love Again (2014), 6.5/10
Quiet Signs (2018), 6.5/10

San Francisco-based singer Jessica Pratt debuted in the vein of the ancestral folksinger whose tunes are delicately strummed on an acoustic guitar. Jessica Pratt (Birth, 2012) contains Joni Mitchell-esque meditations like Night Faces, hints at country music like Mountain'r Lower, Celtic-tinged lullabies like Titles Under Pressure as well as the relatively lively and conversational Bushel Hyde.

After relocating to Los Angeles, she crafted the ethereal introverted lullabies of On Your Own Love Again (2014), somewhere between Joanna Newsom and Nick Drake, with hippy-era stripped-down arrangements, notably Moon Dude and Back Baby.

She reached an almost Zen quality of fragile, austere and wintry quintessence on Quiet Signs (2018) which contains barely 28 minutes of music. The variations are minimal, but This Time Around and Here my Love are almost poppy by her standards, Polly Blue is relatively lively, Fare Thee Well is blessed by a flute solo, and Crossing evokes a female Leonard Cohen.

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