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Rap Beats Vol 1 (2008), 5/10
Sam Baker's Album (2011), 5/10
Wish You Were Here (2013), 5/10
Animals Have Feelings (2016), 4/10
Pizza Party (2017), 4/10
I Got Sh*t to Do (2019), 5/10 (mini)
Reflectionz (2019), 4/10

Sam "Samiyam" Baker, originally from Michigan, emerged in Los Angeles with the EP Return (2008) of glitchy instrumental hip-hop a` la Flying Lotus, and with the more academic album Rap Beats Vol 1 (2008), which contains 24 brief instrumental demonstrations of wonky music.

There wasn't much variation or improvement on Sam Baker's Album (2011), Wish You Were Here (2013), where he also debuted as a rapper (but it takes 14 songs to get to a worthy one, Snakes on the Moon), Animals Have Feelings (2016), a follow-up of sorts to Rap Beats Vol 1, Pizza Party (2017), the ten-song mini-album I Got Sh*t to Do (2019), and Reflectionz (2019), another brief album with 25 "demos".

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