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A Flaw of Nature (2012) , 6/10
Static Motion (2014) , 6/10

Sonar was formed by King Crimson-inspired Swiss guitarists Stephan Thelen, formerly of duo Pedaltone (2005), and Bernhard Wagner with bassist Christian Kuntner and drummer Manuel Pasquinelli and debuted on Live At Bazillus (Reptile, 2012) and A Flaw of Nature (Ronin Rhythm, 2012), followed by the EP Skeleton Groove (2012). A Flaw of Nature contains lengthy, brainy jams notable for suspenseful atmospheres and hypnotic repetition such as A Flaw of Nature, Steel Cathedral, Tromso, and Moebius.

Static Motion (Cuneiform, 2014) is still maniacally anchored in hypnotic Sonic Youth-ian repetition, starting with the cold and robotic Static Motion and perhaps peaking with the neo-classical geometry of Continuum. In order to transcend itself, this method has to employ superhuman subtlety and dramatic finesse, as they do in Shadow Play. A metaphysical dimension seems to permeate the threatening drones and pulsing rumbles of the nine-minute Triptych , that rise to a Michael Nyman-esque frenzy only to decay into a slowing tapping dance, and the psychedelic indolence of the twelve-minute Vertical Time, that drifts through empty intergalactic space before sinking into a swamp of clock-like ticking that slowly fades away. To be fair, the shorter and less ambitious Tranceportation and Zero Tolerance boast more dynamics via riffing and counterpoint.

The quarter's Black Light (Cuneiform, 2015) included Enneagram (9:17), Orbit 5.7 (8:38), Angular Momentum (9:26) and Critical Mass (10:35).

Tranceportation (Volume 1) (Rare Noise, 2019)

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