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Songs For Cadets (2012) , 6.5/10

Wisconsin-based electronic singer-songwriter Stacian (Dania Luck) devoted Songs For Cadets (Moniker, 2012) to retro-sounding "futuristic" synth-pop with psychedelically reverbed vocals. The collection is varied enough, ranging from the doom-filled cinematic Almos Telos Tenoste to the cosmic surf music of Formida, from the canonical 1970s Eurodisco ditty Untitled to the anthemic pulsating Orbit (the highlight), with just one out-of-control moment: the tribal orgiastic Escapist, that sounds like the Velvet Underground's Sister Ray remixed by a laptop orchestra. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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(Copyright © 2012 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions )
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