Bartees Strange

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Live Forever (2020), 6.5/10 Links:

Washington-based singer-songwriter Bartees Strange debuted with Live Forever (Memory Music, 2020), produced by Will Yip, an album that dabbles in many styles, from the dilated ballad Jealousy to the noisy (but tuneless) rocking single Mustang; from the thundering horn-laced soul-rock of In a Cab (a standout) to Boomer's hybrid of trap beat and grunge riff; from the ghostly electronic ballad Flagey God (another standout) to the romantic electronic litany of Ghostly. Kelly Rowland does not amount to much in its attempt to fuse neosoul and hip-hop, but the explosive crescendo of Far is a creative update of the stereotype of the singer-songwriter of the 1970s.
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