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Friendship Music (2018), 6/10 (mini)
Keep On Truckin' (2021), 5/10

New York's punk-rock combo Surfboart, fronted by Los Angeles-based singer Dani Miller and featuring two veterans of Texas' punk scene (drummer Sean Powell and guitarist Alex Kilgore) debuted with the four-song EPs Surfbort (2016) in a vein reminiscent of early female-fronted punk-rock bands like X, Slits and X-Ray Spex, notably in Trash and On a List. Even better was the effervescent Back To Reaction on the four-song EP Bort to Death (2017), with Dave Head on second guitar. That line-up recorded the 13-minute 17-song Friendship Music (2018), a collection of primal punk-rock of the Ramones and Sex Pistols brand (Hi Anxiety, Trashworld, White People, and especially Sunshine). The music is certainly sincere and energetic, but also repetitive and old-fashioned. The four-song EP You Don't Exist (2019) was another concentrate of punk fury, particularly You Don't Exist and Saturday Night.

relocating to Los Angeles, the 12-song Keep On Truckin' (2021), better produced by Linda Perry (of 4 Non Blondes fame) with Matt Picola on second guitar, veered towards a more melodic power-pop (Big Star and Open Your Eyes), with rare incursions in the lightning-speed punk-rock of the early days (basically, just Killed by Food).

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