Sutekh Hexen

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Luciform (2011), 6/10
Larvae (2012), 6.5/10
Behind The Throne (2012), 7.5/10

San Francisco's Sutekh Hexen, founded by Kevin Gan Yuen, debuted with Luciform (2011), containing the brief frenzied agony of The Great Whore, but found their true voice with the fusion of black metal and power-electronic noise of Larvae (Analog Worship, 2012), for example the 15-minute La Det Bli Lys (ambient glitch overture, a duet for acoustic guitar and spoken-word, and four final minutes of black-metal madness) or the ten-minute Isvar Savasana, an apocalyptic crescendo that leads from a gentle blend of field recordings and gloomy drones to a wall of noise with desperate screams.

The 30-minute piece of the mini-album Behind The Throne (Magic Bullet, 2012) recast their brutality into symphonic grandeur, the sound of a demon being burned at the stakes. The second part opens with the metallurgic noise and the muffled rumble of an industrial hell, swept bt a miasmatic wind from which an explosive riff suddenly rises, which is in turn dwarfed by an approaching whirlwind of reverbs, a massive galactic object that wipes everything out with its nuclear radiation.

Empyraisch (Vendetta, 2012) is a compilation of rare early recordings. In 2015 the band consisted of Andy Way (vocals), Kevin Gan Yuen (guitar), Josh Churchill (guitar).

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