Todd Terje

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It's Album Time (2014) , 5.5/10

Norwegian house producer Todd Terje had a hit with Eurodans (2004) but then spent a decade working on remixes, collaborations and silly singles. His first album, It's Album Time (Olsen, 2014), is devoted to wacky retro-pop creations that mostly exploit the stereotypes of vintage cheesy cinematic soundtracks, mainly Harry Mancini's (Leisure Suit Preben). He indulges in parodistic remixes of entire genres, like the demented salsa of Svensk Sas and the demented cha-cha of Alfonso Muskedunder, and even in those parodies he injects the same melodic accents borrowed from television and cinematic soundtracks of the 1960s. The manic propulsive Strandbar (2013) and the gently syncopated Inspector Norse (2012), the two singles that preceded the album, are his tributes to the vintage house-music that made him famous. The only original moment comes perhaps when he takes the dumb synth melody of Preben Goes To Acapulco and spins it around until it begins to sound like a Bach fugue. Alas, he is neither a genius of techno music like Moby nor a genius of satirical orchestration like Frank Zappa. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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