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Tnght, the duo of Montreal-based black producer Lunice (Pierre) and Glasgow-based white producer Ross "Hudson Mowhawke" Birchard (who produced Chris Brown's Your Body and Kanye West's Mercy), debuted in the vein of thundering "trap music" with the EP TNGHT (2012), especially Higher Ground, followed by the neurotic single Acrylics (2013).

Hudson Mohawke's debut album Butter (2009) had been influential on the "future bass" scene. His second album was the disappointing Lantern (2015).

Lunice, on the other hand, had released EPs such as Stacker Upper (2010) and One Hunned (2011), but became famous in 2010 for his remix of Deerhunter's Helicopter, and became an influential name in the wonky style of production. His debut album came relatively late: CCCLX (2017).

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