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Wild In Wildlife (2011) , 6.5/10
The Bleach Room (2013) , 6/10

Ulterior, fronted by singer Paul McGregor, armed with a drum-machine and featuring Paul Simmons' guitar and Benn McGregor's synths, resurrected the gothic rock of Sisters Of Mercy with the heavily electronic singles Weapons (2007) and 15 (2008), later collected with rarities and remixes on Kempers Heads (2009).

Wild In Wildlife (2011) contains many postcards from the past, danceable retro-pastiches like Catherine, with heroic singing, relentless beats and melancholy synth lines a` la Ultravox, and the seven-minute thumping agony of Dream Dream. Best is the electronic rockabilly basically Sister Speed a more decadent Billy Idol, a slightly faster and harder version of the single Sex War Sex Cars Sex that opens the album. A close second is the erotic voodoobilly Too in Love to Fuck, fueled by syncopated bombs and galactic distortions. The somnolent ten-minute self-torture Wild In Wildlife, with its loud industrial beat, atmospheric guitar distortion and operatic refrain, is a mixed blessing, somewhere halfway between U2-esque pathos and Depeche Mode-esque existentialism.

The Bleach Room (Speed, 2013) search in vain for original avenues to synth-pop and new wave.

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