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Urok (2019), 7/10 Links:

Urok, a London-based power-trio of sorts (Croatian drummer Marco Quarantotto, Italian guitarist Filippo Ferazzoli and Italian bassist Luigi Casanova), debuted with the instrumental album Urok (2019) at the intersection of noise-rock, free jazz and heavy metal. The standouts are the post-Hendrix-ian guitarwork of Deep Shadow Conditions, culminating in a hurricane-like coda, and the cosmic-psychedelic cacophony and bluesy fuzzed-out tip-toeing of Bruiser. The shorter closer, Exfiltrate, is the most surreal piece, a drone and drum duet. The guitar effects dominate the proceedings.

Filippo Ferazzoli with fellow guitarist Giovanni Mancini also recorded Libere Disserzioni Del Poeta Robert Zimmerman (2018).

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