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Infinite Worlds (2017), 6/10
Vagabon (2019), 5/10

Vagabon (Laetitia Tamko, born in Cameroon but raised in New York) debuted with the EP Persian Garden (2014).

She played drums and keyboards on the mini-album Infinite Worlds (Father Daughter, 2017). The Embers evoke the unlikely combination of Joni Mitchell and Nirvana. She tries to find her voice between the amateurish garage rave-up of Minneapolis and the quasi-vaporwave of Mal L'aise. The best rocking song 100 Years makes us realize how like Patti Smith sounded when she was a child. Perhaps the tender Fear & Force shows where she should invest her (limited) talent. It's a brief album, but nonetheless it feels like half of it could have been avoided. This should have been a five-song EP.

The sleek electronic arrangements of Vagabon (Nonesuch, 2019) coupled with the chronic limitations of her voice make it for a painful listen. The radio-friendly singles Water Me Down (first ethereal, then percussive) and Flood Hands (a bit more passionate) correctly positioned her as an artist who has little to do with rock music and a lot more with "r&b".

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