Von Himmel

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Cosmic keyboardist Von Himmel paid tribute to the German masters of the 1970s on Space Communion (Sloow Tapes, 2009 - Humito, 2011). However, they were never cosmic symphonies a` la Klaus Schulze nor brooding post-rock ruminations a` la Faust. They engage in sophisticated electroacoustic games of timbres and counterpoint, best demonstrated in the chaotic dissonant aquatic music of Moon Moss. The flute-driven Astronomer, instead, relied on percussion for a more cohesive structure, crafting an haunted atmosphere reminiscent of Jon Hassell's fourth-world music. Strawberry Hill and Country Bog are longer excursions into his electronic post-rock soundscapes.

After the cassette Florid Pagoda (Donkey Disk, 2012), Von Himmel released Weltraumruckfuhrungsubereinkommen (Sloow Wax, 2013).

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