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House of Balloons (2011), 6.5/10 Links:

Weeknd, the project of Toronto's crooner Abel Tesfaye, bursts on the stage of high-tech soul music with a trilogy of mixtapes produced by Doc McKinney and Illangelo. The nine ballads of House of Balloons (2011), with the exception of the one uptempo number, House of Balloons (also the standout), succeed best when the soundscape upsets the narrative (as in the seven-minute The Party & the After Party), when the sounds create contradictory textures (What You Need) and when the choreography prevails over the quivering falsetto The Morning. Coupled with Tesfaye's stories of sex and drugs (Wicked Games in particular), the music actually hints at an acute state of loneliness.

The sense of loneliness rules reigns supreme over the psychological gems of Thursday (2011): Thursday, The Zone and Rolling Stone. Alas, the frequency of convincing hooks had declined dramatically.

Echoes of Silence (2011) indulged in depravity for the sake of provoking (Initiation, XO / The Host): when a pop star runs out of ideas, all he has to do to keep being talked about is to insult everybody's intelligence. However, the stark and naked Montreal, Echoes of Silence, Same Old Song and Next replicated the sense of failure that permeated the previous mixtape. Sex had never sounded so macabre and suicidal. Clams Casino produced the most musical piece, The Fall.

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