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Melts into Love (2019), 6/10 Links:

Berlin-based producer Xin debuted with the EP Xin (2018) and the album Melts into Love (Subtext, 2019), a collection of ten brief deconstructions of techno, dubstep, drum'n'bass, etc. Past the warped Stockhausen-influenced chant All That is Solid, the otherworldly hissing and buzzing of Crrrash introduces an ugly shapeless combination of beat, voice and drone. It's hard to recognize any specific dance genre in the viscous mayhems of Real Frenzy and No Relief No Perspective No Vanishing Point, or to find any beat at all in the floating radiations of That There is None. An angelic choir embraces beats that sound like videogame shooting sounds in Myopia. The disorienting effect is maximized in Spent Wasted and Saved where a religious choir moves around the sonic space and is continuously manipulated, fragmented, mirrored, multiplied in a crescendo of madness. By comparison, the horribly deformed Declared Denied and Ffantom Contendt sound like normal songs.
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