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Where Were U In '92 (2009), 6.5/10
Dedication (2011), 6/10
With Love (2013), 6/10
Ultra (2016), 5/10
Mercury's Rainbow (2017), 4/10

British cult phenomenon Zomby (Justin Moulds), who had started as a trivial dubstep/dancehall act ("Liquid Dancehall"), staged a revival of jovially propulsive rave music of the 1990s on the double-EP One Foot Ahead Of The Other (Ramp, 2009), the single Digital Flora (2009), and the album Where Were U In '92 (Werk Discs, 2009), performed on vintage keyboards.

Dedication (4AD, 2011) is an impeccable production, but mainly displays Zomby's eclectic taste, ranging from the poppy Things Fall Apart, a Panda Bear collaboration, to the house of After the Rain Basquiat, from the grime of Witch Hunt to the minimal techno of Riding with Death, with a peak in the avant-dubstep of Natalia's Song (apparently plagiarized from producer Reark).

The 33-song double album With Love (4AD, 2013) was a compendium of dance styles, each one represented by short vignettes, only sketched and briefly hijacked... trap, jungle, dubstep, drum & bass, etc.

Ultra (Hyperdub, 2016) and Mercury's Rainbow (Modern Love, 2017) were less and less interesting.

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