Jon Fosse

From "Melancholy":

"The black and white clothes, and Mrs. Winckelmann's tight black dress, the white lace collar, her hair, dark brown, sometimes almost black, like mine, and her mouth which opens into a smile and her smile is a big opening, black, wet, her smile is like a bog hole, a thick heavy bog hole, it holds my foot tight, it won't let it go I stand there with one foot stuck deep in the bog, the seagulls fly over me, and down there, at the end of the bog, is the bay with the ocean that's always choppy, the waves that crash against the beach, the stones, the sand, and the black bare rock slope along the shoreline and the foot that's stuck in the cold bog water, the moisture that's seeping up the leg of my pants, I bend forward and pull and it sucks at me and then my foot is loose and then I take another step forward, as big a step as I can, but my other foot is stuck in the boghole too, so I have to step forward as far as I can, then my foot sinks a little deeper into the bog and then I pull the other foot out of the bog, pull it up, then stretch forward to a tuft of grass, there's a tuft of grass up ahead, then get out of the bog, get to the edge of the forest, the bushes, get to where the light is, pull my foot out of the bog like out of an open mouth, above the black fabric of the dress, then an open mouth, then walk forward, carefully and quietly, to where the light lies over the water, yellow, white underneath, forward, to the light, to the place where the light is white, yellow, then white underneath, and then, up there, near the clouds, up there, high up there, near the clouds, up high, the blue, the white, the disappearing white and blue clouds, up in the white and blue clouds, up there, there, move forward, push away, move forward, push away, move forward"

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