David Mamet

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David Mamet (USA, 1947)

"Duck Variations" (1972) [t]

synopsis forthcoming

"American Buffalo" (1975) [t] +

Don and his young friend Bobby are arguing inside Don's antique's shop. Don just lost a fortune playing cards with his friends Fletcher and Ruthy. He plans to make up for it by stealing the coin collection of a customer who paid a fortune for a "buffalo" nickel. Bobby has been following him and tells Don that the collector packed his things and left town with his girlfriend. The duo is planning to carry out the robbery that very night. Their friend Teach shows up, furious after an encounter at the restaurant with two of Bobby's friends, Ruthy and Grace. While Bobby is out, Teach talks Don into getting rid of Bobby and partnering with him to carry out the burglary. Don has doubts that even Teach can deliver and therefore invites Fletcher too. Later, while Don is waiting for the two partners, Bobby shows up with a buffalo nickel, hoping to get some money for it from Don. Teach finally arrives and asks Don to give Bobby a little bit of money so she would leave. Teach then instills doubt in Don's mind: maybe Fletcher won at poker because he cheats. Fletcher is an old friend of Don's and Don is reluctant to accept this possibility. But if Fletcher is indeed a traitor, then maybe he teamed up with Bobby to rob the collector and that's how Bobby got the buffalo nickel. Teach convinces Don that they are better off without Fletcher. The two are about to leave the house when Bobby barges in again with the news that Fletcher has been mugged and is at the hospital. Her story, however, doesn't make sense. Teach loses his temper and beats her up, but then Ruthy calls and gives details about Fletcher's whereabouts. Now Don is furious at Teach for seeind mistrust. Teach still wants to know where Bobby got he nickel. Don and Teach get into a fight, but a bleeding Bobby confesses that she made everything up: she never saw the collector leave town, and she bought the nickel to sell it to Don. Teach has a fit of anger and destroys the shop. Then apologizes and walks out to get the car, as Don wants to take Bobby to the hospital. Both Bobby and Don are sorry for what happened.

"Glengarry Glen Ross" (1983) [t] +

synopsis forthcoming

"Oleanna" (1993) [t]

synopsis forthcoming

"Sexual Perversity in Chicago" (1974) [t]

synopsis forthcoming

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